The city was founded by the Phoenicians, who built a settlement near the hill where now stands the Alcazaba. During Roman times, enjoyed the privilege of Málaga confederate city of Rome. </ P> The city experienced one of its periods of greatest progress under the control of the Arabs. In 1487 it was conquered by the Catholic Monarchs. Was this a stage of unstoppable decline. </ P> In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, born in Málaga high bourgeoisie around two families: those of Larios and Heredia, turning to the city in the second industrial center of the country. </ p> today, Málaga still growing. The great miracle of Málaga has been the development of the Costa del Sol, which has become the world capital of tourism.

La calle Larios



10 visits to the city in the city of Málaga


  • A walk along Calle Larios, the main artery of the historical center.
  • Visit the "Manquita" his historic Renaissance Cathedral.
  • Order a coffee as do Malaga: cloud, shadow, half, short ...
  • Try one of the best sushi restaurant in Spain Rocio Tapas and sushi.
  • Visit La Alcazaba, the eleventh-century Muslim fortress.
  • Admire the stunning Automobile Museum of Málaga.
  • Knowing the Spanish genre painting collection of the Thyssen XIX.
  • Watch a sunset with a coffee at the Parador de Gibralfaro to admire the bay of Malaga.
  • Visit the English Anglican cemetery, the oldest of the peninsula.
  • Take a cocktail chill out listening to music on the terrace of Room Mate Larios.

Directions from 'Los Castillarejos' to Malaga

La Alcaza de Málaga
Museo Picasso
Teatro romano
Costa de Málaga
costa de Málaga
Altar mayor de la catedral de Málaga
Parque de Huelin en Málaga
Fuente en la Alcazaba de Málaga
Estatua del Marqués de Larios en la Alameda de Málaga