The owners of this establishment are 'Successors López Hermanos SA -SHL-'. It is a family business based in Luque and engaged for over half a century and especially agriculture and olive cultivation.

SHL has large pastures and various farms in the hills and countryside of southern Córdoba. Most of the names of the different areas of the complex of 'The Castillarejos' correspond to these places.

In his own mill SHL  elaborate oils  La Laguna, La  Laguna Selected and Morellana selected and who have been rewarded for their quality contests Cordoba Provincial Council and the PDO Baena

With these rural apartments 'The Castillarejos' SHL performed more diversification of its activities in the village of Luque which they were born. This also contributes to enhance the region in a quality, sustainability and environmental protection.

SHL is the desire of the traveler to lodge in rural apartments 'The Castillarejos' enjoy the maximum comfort in a relaxed atmosphere, admire the beautiful landscapes and environmental heritage, savor the renowned cuisine of the area and can use their privileged location and good communications to scroll through some of most prominent tourist towns of Andalusia.